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Guiding Principles


Kids Come First!


Boyle County Schools is a student-centered; college- and career-ready school district serving more than 2,700 Central Kentucky students across five schools. As a state and national leader in education, BCS elevates its students to the highest levels of achievement through continual growth in academics, the arts and athletics.


We are committed to excellencelocally, nationally and globally.

BCS embraces a culture of academic excellence for every child. Student growth is measured throughout the year and data demonstrates that our students are outpacing their national peers in ACT performance, Advanced Placement pass rates and nationally normed measures of reading and math. We are committed to fostering a rigorous academic culture that maximizes every student’s potential.


We embrace a culture of inclusivity and innovation. 

Students of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome at BCS, where innovation and positive risk-taking are encouraged and rewarded. We drive continuous improvement through the integration of new learning strategies and 1:1 technology that sparks curiosity and independence. Teachers are empowered to deliver relevant and differentiated instruction that meets individual student needs.


We engage students with real-world learning opportunities. 

Boyle County students are challenged with complex, real-world problems every day. Project and inquiry-based learning beginning in fourth grade; STEM classes across all levels; and strong Cooperative Work and Career Technical Education programs prepare all students for college and career successes.


We deliver personalized learning. 

Intentional planning and informed decisions lead to growth for every child at Boyle County Schools. Daily assessments help teachers tailor instruction and provide immediate opportunities to re-teach or accelerate content—delivering the right material, to the right student, at the right time.


We collaborate to build stronger classrooms. 

Our high-performing faculty leads deeper learning experiences and mentors students every day. Boyle County teachers embrace collaborative instructional strategies—team-teaching, small group instruction, I3 Learning and inquiry-based learning—to foster an environment of accountability and critical thinking in the classroom.


We promote fiscal responsibility.

The district’s operating budget is managed through a critical lens. Since the majority of education funding comes from local tax support, BCS diligently prepares and implements financial plans with oversight from the Board of Education.