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Teaching and Learning

The Boyle County School District has a long tradition of success, both in extracurricular activities, and in the classroom. We attribute our success not only to our amazing staff, students, and parents, but also to our Blueprint for Success. The Blueprint for Success was created by the Boyle County Leadership Academy, which is comprised of teachers and administrators in our district to outline important elements of developing curriculum and how to use this information to plan lessons.

The Boyle County Leadership Academy meets regularly to assess each school’s proficiency in critical areas and to make action plans for improving areas of weakness. This team has been played a major role in our academic success as a district.

While we are very proud of our performance on various statewide assessments, we know that it is not enough for our students to simply perform well on assessments. We strive to provide the best possible instruction for all students so that they have a balance of high-level content mastery, skill development and world-class opportunities in areas like foreign language, STEM and the arts. 

Our highly qualified teachers focus on best first-time teaching by using the Blueprint for Success to plan an “Ideal Lesson." Students are actively engaged and complete daily formative assessments, as well as common benchmark assessments at the end of units and at the end of each nine weeks. These assessments are tied to learning targets, which are the foundation for everything taught in our classrooms. Our district receives federal funds for Title I, Part A programs as a part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Under ESSA, you have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child’s teacher(s).

Throughout the school year, in addition to classroom assessments, students are tested with a variety of statewide assessments. Based on these assessments, schools and districts are given an accountability ranking.

Based on the 2014-2015 assessment results, Boyle County Schools was classified a Distinguished District. For the seventh consecutive year, our district is ranked among the top 10 districts in the state. We are the number one county school district in Kentucky. In addition, all schools in our district are individually classified as either Proficient, Distinguished or a School of Distinction.


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Steve Karsner
Chief Academic Officer
859.236.6634 ext. 3239