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School Health Services

School Health Services


The Boyle County Schools Health Services Department promotes student success by reducing health-related barriers to learning. The team administers a comprehensive school health program and collaborates with students, families, staff and community partners to promote student health for academic success.

All Boyle County students must meet Kentucky health requirements to attend school. Please visit our School Health Requirements page for additional information. 

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

Boyle County Schools participates in a collaborative approach to learning and health, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child program.

The initiative integrates health-promoting practices into the school setting across 10 focus areas, including health education; physical education and physical activity; nutrition environment and services; health services; counseling, psychological and social services; social and emotional climate; physical environment; employee wellness; family engagement; and community involvement.

Health Services Provided

All Boyle County Schools are staffed with registered nurses providing the following services to support students:

  • First aid, emergency treatment, intervention, and referral for physical, psychological, social-emotional and behavioral issues
  • Direct care for special medical needs
  • Health status monitoring and management of screening programs to identify health concerns
  • Referrals to quality services that are effective, culturally appropriate and responsive to the diverse needs of our students and their families

Supplemental Health Services

The district nurse practitioner is able to provide optional health services to students whose parents/guardians give written consent for these services.

If a child is assessed at school by the nurse practitioner, there is no cost to the family for the school health visit.

Supplemental services available at school may include:

  • Acute care visits (including strep testing, flu testing ,ear infections, etc.)
  • Well-child physical exams (if overdue)

If you want the optional health services to be available to your child while at school, complete the Consent for Health Services and Patient Health History forms and return them to the school nurse or district nurse practitioner.

Boyle County Schools recommends that all students have a primary care provider. The Center for Disease Control reports, “Healthy children are better learners, and academic achievement bears a lifetime of benefits for health.”

*These new health services are an additional option to supplement the health care services your child is already receiving from his/her primary care provider and are not designed to replace primary care services.

Health Concerns

Please contact your child’s school nurse if your child has any health concerns, including allergies, asthma, seizures, diabetes, emotional issues or any other medical need that may require attention during the school day. The district school health coordinator, school nurse, parent or guardian, and health care provider will collaborate to develop an individual health plan (IHP) or emergency care plan for students who have specific, chronic medical needs.

Immunization Requirements

In order to attend school, students must show they are in compliance with the Kentucky Immunization Program. A copy of the student’s current immunization record must be on file at school. Students may receive a legal exemption from the immunization law for medical reasons or conscientiously held beliefs. It is necessary to provide a notarized exemption form to the health office.

Student Medications

A completed medication authorization form must be on file at your child’s school before school staff will dispense medication. Medication must be supplied in its original bottle and clearly labeled with the student’s name. Prescription medication must be supplied in its original container and will only be given as ordered by a health care provider.

School Health Services Contacts 

Nichole Brown, APRN, FNP-C
District Health Coordinator, 859.236.6634

Kim Coulter, RN, BSN
Boyle County High School, 859.236.5047

Kimberly Brussell, RN, BSN
Boyle County Middle School, 859.236.4212

Teri Gerlach, RN, BSN
Junction City Elementary, 859.936.7524 

Cheryl Bolling, RN, BSN
Woodlawn Elementary, 859.236.7688

Cassie Thompson, RN, BSN
Perryville Elementary, 859.936.7500