Dress Code Policy


A student shall not be prevented from attending school or a school function, or otherwise be discriminated against, so long as his/her dress and appearance are not destructive to school property, complies with the requirements for health and safety, and does not interfere with the educational process.  The administration and staff are authorized to take action in instances where individual dress does not meet the stated requirements.  The Boyle County High School Dress Code is as follows:

  1. Students’ pants:
  1. Must be free of any holes that expose the skin 4 inches above the knee.  Holes that expose skin 4 inches above the knee are not acceptable. Items worn underneath the hole are not acceptable.  Patches must be affixed to the garment.
  2. Must cover the underwear and backside at all times regardless of movement.
  3. Pajama and flannel pants are prohibited.
  1. Students’ shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses, etc.:
  1. Be no shorter than 4 inches above kneecap.
  2. Must cover the underwear and backside at all times regardless of movement.
  1. Students’ shirts:
  1. All shirts shall fit appropriately where no cleavage is showing.
  2. Sleeve must have a measurable underarm seam.
  3. Midriff shall remain covered at all times.
  4. All parts of bras shall remain covered at all times.
  5. Shirts shall be free of holes or cutouts and shall cover the back and front of students.

NON-ACCEPTABLE ITEMS INCLUDE: any clothing that displays a bare stomach, spaghetti string tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, muscle shirts, oversized pants that are worn below the hips, see through mesh or net garments. 

4.  No gang related items, emblems/images, words, phrases, slogans, or apparel that convey or support or imply profanity, illegal substances (alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs, etc.), or are sexually explicit will be permitted.  Chains or studded accessories are not to be worn. 

5.  Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times. Hats, hoods, bandannas, novelty wigs, etc. are not to be worn inside the building.  Hats, sunglasses, heavy coats and gloves must be left in the school locker.

6.  Blankets and pillows are not permitted in the school.


If a student wears clothing deemed to be in violation of the dress policies, the student is subject to the disciplinary measures stated herein.  All building staff has the authority and is expected to indicate to students violations of the dress policy.  If any student violates this code, he/she will be dealt with in the following manner: 1st offense - warning and a change of or correction in their apparel or sent home to change;  2nd offense - detention and sent home to change;  3rd offense - Friday School and change of or correction in apparel.