Summer School/Credit Recovery

Please see the attached information regarding Summer School.  This is an opportunity for students who have failed a course to recover credits required for graduation.  Also remember the A/B Policy which states:  

After grades have been posted, counselors will review to see which students qualified for the following policy:


ALL EOC & A/Year-long Classes (Carnegie Unit):

1stsemester (A class) (40% 9 wks + 40% 9 wks + 20% cumulative final exam)

2ndsemester (Bclass) (40% 9 wks + 40% 9 wks + 20% EOC/cumulative final at end of Bclass)

*If a student fails one section but has a passing cumulative average at the end of the school year then the student will earn .5 credit for each section (A & B). The recovered .5 credit will be issued with 70%. (We have to manually calculate this average. We do not average grades for A/B courses unless the student fails one section and passes the other)

Credit Recovery. Please note-there is a fee for ALL Credit Recovery per the guidelines on this form.