Dual Credit Information

Dual Credit Information


This page is used to answer questions for students and parents and to provide resources needed by our students currently enrolled in Dual Credit classes.


We are in the process of registering students for Dual Credit courses. If students are taking a Dual Credit class at the high school, they will complete their applications in their Dual Credit classes. Students taking online Dual Credit classes will work with Ms. Adkins to complete the requirements for the college for admittance. An Intent to Register form will also be part of the Dual Credit enrollment process, which is on a Google Form.

Here is an information page with many Dual Credit resources, explaining what Dual Credit is and how you can pay for it.

What is Dual Credit? Everything you need to know!

Here is a Dual Credit FAQ sheet containing more information for BCHS students taking a Dual Credit course.

BCHS Dual Credit FAQs


We are preparing to sign students up for the Dual Credit and Work Ready Scholarships. This will be addressed with students in their Dual Credit classes. In the case of students who are taking BCTC classes online or @BCTC, they will be contacted by Ms. Adkins to complete the process. 

A required step in the Dual Credit Scholarship process is watching the KDE College Success Counseling Video. All Dual Credit students must watch this video in order to qualify for the Dual Credit or Work Ready Scholarships. Dual Credit College Success Counseling Video. Students will sign off that they watched the video in their Dual Credit classes or if they are taking an online Dual Credit course, they will submit a Google Form (confirming with their initials) that they watched the video.

All Dual Credit and Work Ready Scholarship recipients must also log into their My KHEAA account. Go to kheaa.org and then log in at the top right corner of the page. If you have forgotten your username or password, click the help link under the log in boxes. If you have NEVER created a KHEAA account, click on the Need to Register, and create your account. IMPORTANT: You will need your SSN for this!


Students enrolled in BCTC for online or courses offered @BCTC will need to complete periodic check-ins that will be sent out via email.