TEAMs Lessons 2018-19

TEAMs Lessons

Boyle County High School will offer TEAMs Lessons twice a month.  Each TEAM is an advisory where students can form connections with their TEAM Coach and members.  Students remain in the same TEAM all four years.  In 2018-19, TEAMs Lesson will follow the theme of REBEL READY for LIFE!  Students will be engaged in activities related health, wellness, and resiliency as well as career and college guidance.  We will post lessons here as we provide them to students so that parents may review what we discuss at home.  We may also post additional resources related to the topics covered!


Teams Lesson 8/24/18 on Bullying and Harassment-/userfiles/242/my files/teams lesson/teams lesson 8-24 bullying and harassment.pdf?id=5968

Website with additional information:

Boyle County STOP Tipline

Teams Lesson 8/29/18 Suicide Prevention 



Teams Lesson 8/31/18  Cyberbullying/Internet Safety  /userfiles/242/my files/teams lesson/teams lesson 8-30 internet safety.pdf?id=5976

Tips to Help Stop Cyberbullying Handout

Preventing Cyberbullying Handout

Pledge to Stop Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Pledge Video created by BCHS

Websites with additional Information:

Fornite Guide for Parents