Parents and students!  Check out the link under links and resources for student Individual Learning Plans.

What is an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)?

You may be wondering what an ILP is?

  • An ILP is an online career planning and education tool that can be accessed anywhere a student has internet access.
  • It is for all students in grades  6-12, and beyond if they want to continue to use it.
  • It is designed to individually focus a student’s coursework in order to prepare him or her for postsecondary studies and/or careers.
  • The program is free for all Kentucky public schools grades 6-12.

How might you use the ILP?  If edited accurately each year, it can be used as a resume builder which can speed up the job search process as well as college applications.  Use it to research college options as well as career choices.  Don't just click to finish it each year but USE it as it is a wonderful resource!  For more information about the parent portal to career cruising, contact Spencer Tatum at 236-5047 or

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