Boyle County Among State's Elite for Second Year in a Row!

Boyle County Among State's Elite for Second Year in a Row!
Boyle district again scores Distinguished,

high school, Perryville Elementary Distinguished


Boyle County Schools has been designated a Distinguished School District for the second consecutive year, based on the latest K-PREP state accountability scores.

Boyle County students scored in the 96th percentile ranking us 12th overall and 10th among K-12 Kentucky school districts.

Boyle County High School scored a Distinguished rating, scoring in the 95th percentile, the top 5% of Kentucky high schools.

Perryville Elementary, ranking Distinguished for the second consecutive year, placed in the 92nd percentile, the top 8% of Kentucky elementary schools. 

Junction City Elementary, Woodlawn Elementary, and Boyle County Middle School scored Proficient, making the 

Boyle district one of only 14 in state to have all schools score Proficient or Distinguished. 

“I am delighted but not surprised at our Distinguished district ranking again this year, because on our visits to schools we see teachers following through with the Boyle County Schools Blueprint that outlines Best Practices for teaching and learning,” said Superintendent Mike LaFavers. “We are very proud of our teachers, support staff, and 

our students who have earned this recognition. What matters most, of course, is that Boyle County students are acquiring essential skills to be successful in life.”

Assistant Superintendent David Young said, “Achieving a Distinguished ranking two years in a row confirms that we not only know what we are doing, but that we are clear regarding what we need to do to ensure we can continue this high level of performance  to benefit our students. Of course, this level of success cannot happen without supportive family members who attend school events and ensure students are ready to learn.

“The bottom line,” said Young, “is that we are not teaching the test. We are teaching the core content skills necessary for college, workplace, and career readiness. No one should question that mission. The data clearly reveals what students know. We also want to thank community members who share our vision and support us in many ways.” 

Kentucky’s accountability system (K-PREP) gives schools a better look than ever at how they meet each child’s needs.  Students are tested on more rigorous standards than before using a test that is more difficult than KCCT, the previous test.  Schools receive and are held accountable for scores in a variety of areas.  For instance, schools have always been held accountable for the achievement of all students and the performances of “gap” students – those who have a disability, qualify for free/reduced lunch, or are part of a minority group.  Those measures are still true in K-PREP.  

In addition, K-PREP includes scores which measure how well students have grown academically over the past year as compared to their peers, how many students are ready for college or a career, and how many students who enter Boyle County Schools graduate on time.  


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