Buying a membership to the BCPAC is the best way to save money and get the best seats! Each member will receive a unique membership code that unlocks benefits and savings at Every level of membership comes with these great perks:

Pre-sale access: All members will enjoy at least 2 weeks of presale access before the general public. This allows members to get the best seats before they are snatched up. Every member will receive an email notifying them of presale access for each event. Simply enter you membership code at to gain presale access.

30% off: All members enjoy the best discount available. Each level of membership comes with a different amount of tickets for 30% off. Members simply use their code at checkout on to claim their discount. Member codes expire after a set number of uses. The discount can be applied to any combination of tickets to any shows of the season.

Free popcorn: For every discounted ticket a member purchases, they will receive a voucher for a free bag of popcorn. Members simply need to report to the box office and show their discounted tickets to receive their free popcorn vouchers.

Find a level that fits you and your family best!
































Why become a Level 3 Member?

Level 3 Membership comes with the option to become more involved in the BCPAC’s mission by serving on committees that help steer different aspects of the venue. The most appealing would be the Season Selection Committee. Each year in the fall, the BCPAC will schedule an evening where Level 3 member comes screen different clips and videos of potential shows for the next season. Level 3 Members get to rate, discuss, and narrow down the choices. The BCPAC director will use the feedback to begin booking while at APAP in January.