Summer Reading

These are books that can be found at the public library. They have been leveled according to DRA and Reading Recovery levels. 

Title Author Level Title Author Level
Alligator Shoes Dorros, Arthur 11 Nicky Upstairs and Downstairs Ziefert, Harriet 12
Boats Rockwell, Anne 11 One Monday Morning Shulevitz, Uri 12
Carla's Ribbons Harper, L 11 Papa's Penguin Surprise Mishica, Clare 12
Cat and Dog Minarik, E.H 11 Peanut Butter and Jelly Wescott, Nadine B 12
Critter Race Reese, Bob 11 Rabbit's Party Bunting Eve 12
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Barton, Byron 11 Shhhh! Kline, Suzy 12
Donkey in the Lion's Skin Aesop 11 Shopping at the Mall Urmston, K.&Evans, K 12
Each Peach Pear Plum Ahlberg, A & J 11 Ten Black Dots Crews, Donald 12
Just for You Mayer, Mercer 11 Ten Sleepy Sheep Keller, Holly 12
Just Me and My Baby Sitter Mayer, Mercer 11 Three Cheers for Hippo Stadler, John 12
More Spaghett I Say Gelman, Rita 11 Titch Hutchins, Pat 12
Scary Larry Reese, Bob 11 Where's the Snow? Erickson, Betty 12
Sheep in a Jeep Shaw, Nancy 11 Why Can't I Fly? Gelman, Rita 12
Spot's First Walk Hill, Eric 11 Buzz, buzz, buzz Barton, Byron 13
Ten Bears in my Bed Mack, Stan 11 Dream in the Wishing Well Allen, R.V 13
Tweedledee Tumbleweed Reese, Bob 11 George Shrinks Joyce, William 13
When You Were a Baby Jonas, Ann 11 No Ball Games Here Ziefert, Harriet 13
Apple Tree, Apple Tree Blocksma, Mary 12 Old Hat New Hat Berenstain, Stan/Jan 13
Big Fat Worm, The Van Laan, Nancy 12 One Bear All Alone Bucknall, Caroline 13
Biscuit Capucilli, A 12 Rapid Robert, Road Runner Reese, Bob 13
Boris Bad Enough Kraus, Robert 12 Seven Little Monsters Sendak, Maurice 13
Day I Had to Play with My Sister Bonsall, Crosby 12 Sleepy Polar Bear Hiris, Monica 13
Garden, The Hoenecke, Karen 12 Smart Pigs Stewart, Josie 13
Gone Fishing Long, Erlene 12 Tool Box Rockwell, Anne 13
I Wish I Was Sick, too! Brandenburg, F 12 Two Bear Cubs Jonas, Ann 13
Jason's Bus Ride Ziefert, Harriet 12 Whose Mouse are You? Kraus, Robert 13
Mike and Tony: Best Friends Ziefert, Harriet 12 Zebras Stewart, Josie 13
Mine's The Best Bonsall, Crosby 12 Animal Tricks Wildsmith, Brian 14
My Dog Taylor, Judy 12 Building a House Barton, Byron 14
New House for Mole and Mouse Ziefert, Harriet 12 Cats and Mice Gelman, Rita 14
Clean House for Mole &Mouse Ziefer, Harriet 14 Albert the Albatross Hoff, Syd 16
Come Out and Play Little Mouse Kraus, Robert 14 Bear's Bicycle McLeod, Emilie 16
I Was Walking Down the Road Barchas, Sarah 14 Benny Bakes a Cake Rice, Eve 16
Meow, Now What? Romano, Melora 14 Bertie the Bear Allen, Pamela 16
My Cat Taylor, Judy 14 The Big Hungry Bear Wood, Audrey and Don 16
Not Too Small at all Salem, Lynn 14 Big or Little Stinson, Kathy 16
Picture for Harold's Room Johnson, Crockett 14 Bike Lesson Berenstain, Stan/Jan 16
Put Me in the Zoo Lopshire, Robert 14 The Boy Who Cried Wolf Aesop 16
Rainbow Somewhere, A Dowd, N 14 Fat Cat Kent, Jack 16
Teeny, Tiny Woman Seuling, Barbara 14 Goodnight Owl Hutchins, Pat 16
We Are Best Friends Aliki 14 Happy Birthday, Sam Hutchins, Pat 16
What Game Shall We Play? Hutchins, Pat 14 Henny Penny Galdone, Paul 16
Where Are You Going Little Mouse? Kraus, Robert 14 It's Not Easy Being a Bunny Sadler, Marilyn 16
You'll Soon Grow Them into Titch Hutchins, Pat 14 Just Like Everyone Else Kuskin, Karla 16
Airport Barton, Byron 15 Just Me and My Dad Mayer, Mercer 16
Alligators All Around Sendak, Maurice 15 Just Me and My Puppy Mayer, Mercer 16
Are You My Mother? Eastman, PD 15 Leo the Late Bloomer Kraus, Robert 16
Because a Little Bug went Kachoo Stone, Rosetta 15 Little Fish That Got Away Cook, Bernadine 16
Big Dog, Little Dog Eastman, PD 15 Little Tuppen Galdone, Paul 16
Come and Have Fun Hurd, Edith Thacher 15 Noisy Nora Wells, Rosemary 16
Dalmatians Salem, Lynn 15 Puddle, The McPhail, D. 16
Fix-it McPhail, David 15 Quilt, The Jonas, Ann 16
Fox and the Crow, The Aesop 15 Rainbow of My Own Freeman, Don 16
Great Day for Up Dr. Seuss 15 Robert the Rose Horse Heilbroner, Joan 16
Green Eggs and Ham Dr. Seuss 15 Skunks Salem, Lynn 16
Hattie and the Fox Fox, Mem 15 Spot's Birthday Party Hill, Eric 16
Hop On Pop Dr. Seuss 15 Story of Chicken Licken Omerod, Jan 16
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut Dr. Seuss 15 Teeny Tiny Bennett, Jill 16
Indian Two Feet and His Horse  Friskey, Margaret 15 There's a Nightmare in My Closet Mayer, Mercer 16
Just a Mess Mayer, Mercer 15 Three Billy Goats Gruff Brown, Marcia 16
Just Grandma and Me Mayer, Mercer 15 Tidy Titch Hutchins, Pat 16
Town Mouse and Country Mouse Aesop 16 Three Ducks Went Wandering Roy, Ron 17
Trek, The Jonas, Ann 16 Toad or Frog? Stewart, Josie 17
Trucks Rockwell, Anne 16 Where the Wild Things Are Sendak, Maurice 17
Very Busy Spider, The Carle, Eric 16 Widget McFarland, L.R 17
Wheels on the Bus Kovalski, Mary Ann 16 Amalia and the Grasshopper Tello, J. and Krupinski, L 18
And I Mean it Stanley Bonsall, Crosby 17 Bear Shadow Asch, Frank 18
Ask Mr. Bear Flack, Marjorie 17 Bee's Home Salem, Lynn 18
Birthday in the Woods, A Salem, Lynn 17 Best Nest Eastman, PD 18
Clocks and More Clocks Hutchins, Pat 17 Blackboard Bear Alexander, Martha 18
Doorbell Rang, The Hutchins, Pat 17 Boy Who Cried Wolf Littledale, Freya 18
Elephant and the Bad Baby Vipont, Elfrida 17 Bremen Town Musicians Gross, Ruth 18
Funny Bones Ahlber, A and J 17 Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss 18
Hand, Hand, fingers thumb Perkins, Al 17 Charlie Needs a Cloak DePaola, Tomie 18
He Bear, She Bear Berenstain, Stan/Jan 17 City Mouse Country Mouse Wallner, John 18
Horse in Harry's Room Hoff, Syd 17 Clifford and the Small Red Puppy Bridwell, Norman 18
Johnny Lion's Book Hurd, Edith Thacher 17 Clifford, the Big Red Dog Bridwell, Norman 18
Last Puppy, The Asch, Frank 17 Drummer Hoff Emberly, Barbara and Ed 18
Let's Be Enemies Udry, Janice May 17 Fox and His Friends Marshall, E and J 18
Little Fireman Brown, Margaret Wise 17 I Was So Mad Mayer, Mercer 18
Little Gorilla Bornstein, Ruth 17 If You Give a Mouse A Cookie Numeroff, Laura 18
Max Isadora, Rachel 17 Jamberry Degen, Bruce 18
Milton, the Early Riser Kraus, Robert 17 Jimmy Lee Did It Cummins, Pat 18
Mouse Soup Lobel, Arnold 17 Little Bear Minarik, E.H 18
Mouse Tales Lobel, Arnold 17 Little Black, a Pony Farley, Walter 18
Spot's First Christmas Hill, Eric 17 Little Blue and Little Yellow Lionni, Leo 18
Stone Soup McGovern, Ann 17 Little Chief Hoff, Syd 18
Ten Apples Up on Top LeSeig, Theo 17 Little One Inch Gibson, A. & Akiyam, M 18
There's a Hippopotamus Under Thaler, Mike 17 Little Red Hen Galdone, Paul 18
There's an Alligator Under My Bed Mayer, Mercer 17 Me, too Mayer, Mercer 18
There's Something in My Attic Mayer, Mercer 17 More Tales of Amanda Pig Van Leeuwen, Jan 18
Three Bears Galdone, Paul 17 More Tales of Oliver Pig Van Leeuwen, Jan 18
Mrs. Huggins and her hen Hannah Dabcovich, Lydia 18 Chicken Soup withRice Sendak, Maurice 20
Owl and the Pussycate Lear, Edward 18 Don't Forget the Bacon Hutchins, Pat 20
Owl at Home Lobel, Arnold 18 Gingerbread Boy, The Galdone, Paul 20
Rain Puddle Holl, Adelaide 18 Happy Birthday, Moon Asch, Frank 20
Sam and the Firefly Eastman, PD 18 Hill of Fire Lewis, TP 20
Sam Who Never Forgets Rice, Eve 18 I Know a Lady Zolotow, Charlotte 20
Snowy Day, The Keats, EJ 18 Magic Fish Littledale, Freya 20
Very Busy Spider, The Carle, Eric 18 Miss Nelson Is Missing Allard, Harry 20
Wake Me in Spring Preller, J & Scherer J. 18 One-Eyed Jake Hutchins, Pat 20
When I Get Bigger Mayer, Mercer 18 Over in the Meadow Galdone, Paul 20
Where is the Bear? Nims, Bonnie 18 Stop, Stop Hurd, Edith Thacher 20
Big Sneeze, The Brown, Ruth 19 Three Little Pigs Galdone, Paul 20
Go and Hush the Baby Byars, Betsy 19 Tyler Toad and the Thunder Crowe, Robert 20
King, the Mice, and the Cheese Gurney, Nancy 19 Uncle Elephant Lobel, Arnold 20
Mr. Grumpy's Motor Car Burningham, John 19 When I Go to Grandma's House Cleary, Brian P 20
Mr. Grumpy's Outing Burningham, John 19 Whistle for Willie Keats, Ezra 20
Piggle Bonsall, Crosby 19 Who Sank the Boat? Allen, Pamela 20
Six Foolish Fisherman Elkin, Benjamin 19 Wind Blew, The Hutchins, Pat 20
Surprise Party Hutchins, Pat 19      
Three Billy Goats Gruff Stevens, Janet 19      
What Next Baby Bear? Murphy, Jill 19      
You Can't Catch Me Oppenheim, Joanne 19      
Daniel's Dog Bogart, J &Wilson, J. 19      
Father Bear Comes Home Minarik, E.H 19      
Frog and Toad Are Friends Lobel, Arnold 19      
Frog and Toad Together Lobel, Arnold 19      
Art Lesson, The DePaola, Tomie 20      
Bear's Christmas Berenstain, Stan/Jan 20      
Bears' Picnic Berenstain, Stan/Jan 20      
Berenstain Bears and the Missing Berenstain, Stan/Jan 20      
Caps For Sale Slobodkina, Esphyr 20