What Are We Learning This Week?

What We’re Learning: January 26-30, 2015

Math :  Common Assessment will be this Friday!

Science: We started our landforms unit.

 Social Studies:  Thirteen colonies and events leading up to how America becomes a nation.







HOMEWORK: Spelling due Tuesday

MATH PACKET due Friday!





Please note that snow day packets labeled by color will come home in your child's backpack on January 20th, 2015. Please keep these in their backpacks or someplace where they will be accessible on snow days. The first day of snow we have after Jan.20th, will be a one call letting you know the color packet for your child to complete. Every child will be sent home with a paper packet. We will also be available that snow day through email at jennifer.maddox@boyle.kyschools.us & Amanda.allen@boyle.kyschools.us in case you have questions. The students must complete these packets for that day and return them to school no later than one week after the snow day. All content is review, so the students are familiar with what to do.

Video Link about non-traditional days:



*In the event of a snow day spelling test may be postponed.


Dates to remember:


Jan. 19’th: MLK day – No School


Feb. 13’th – Valentine’s Day breakfast & party @ 2:00


Feb. 19’th: Intermediate PJ Night