Damaged ChromeBooks

In the event that your ChromeBook is damaged, please report this immediately to Ms. Bernard (Library Media Specialist/ChromeBook Coordinator).

Your ChromeBook will be recorded according to the damage and collected. You will become a DAY user until the damaged fee is paid (see ChromeBook policies for specific fees) and your repairs have been made to your device. Another device will be give to you to use during the day...it will be a temporary situation. Don't worry...accidents happen! A letter will be given to you via Mr. Wheeler (Asst. Principal) outlining the damages and explaining the fees.

Please remember a few things about using your ChromeBook/device: 

  • keep your device OFF of the floor 
  • keep your device away from animals and small children
  • carry your device with 2 hands at all times and keep the cover closed when carrying it
  • don't close your device with anything on the keyboard (earbuds, pencils, pens, etc)
  • don't leave your device unattended (KNOW where your device is at all times
  • keep food/drink away from your device