Check out Policy (library books)

You may check out 2 books at a time from our Library Media Center (LMC). Books may be kept up to two weeks at a time and can be renewed for additional time, as well

Late fines are not charged, but if you lose a book or a book is damaged while checked out to you a replacement cost will be charged to you. If you DO NOT return your books or pay for lost/damaged books your check out privileges will be taken away!

Classes will typically come to the LMC through Language Arts class or Reading class  to check out books. However, students may come to check out books (with permission & a pass) from other classes or in between classes (please don't be late to class).

We have a flexible schedule so there is not a specific schedule for classes to come to the Library Media Center. Students who read books quickly will need to speak with their teachers about making arrangements to come to the LMC more frequently. Arrangements may also be made for our "eager readers" to check out more than 2 books...we ALWAYS want to make sure students have enough reading materials. We have a "flexible" schedule so this makes our LMC much easier for students to access our LMC. Responsible, independent readers will certainly have as much access to the Library Media Center as they need to fulfill their love of reading!.

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