Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is a school-wide reading program for all students. Students will be tested through the STARS reading assessment program to determine where they will read/test according to their abilities. Students will select books and read within their reading zones and then take a computerized test can be taken AT SCHOOL (between 8 am-3 pm) to check their comprehension skills. Students are encouraged to read a book and take the test immediately (within 1-2 days) for best results. Students may only take a test ONE TIME. Many AR books are identified by yellow spine labels  in our Library Media Center for students to easily identify or by going to

Students will be given a "point goal" every 9 weeks to reach based on their individual reading abilities.  Students may only take AR tests in Language Arts classrooms under the supervision of their LA teacher.

Parents may track their child's progress in AR by using Accelerated Reader's Home Connect: 

RENAISSANCE HOME CONNECT...Receive notifications about your child's Accelerated Reader testing activities via email.

For a list of compatible browsers, type the following URL in any browser:

USER NAME: (your child's user name for Renaissance Place)

PASSWORD: (your child's password for Renaissance Place)


To log into Renaissance Home Connect


Click the email setup link in Renaissance Home Connect and follow the directions. Be sure and add to your address book to make sure you receive your child's test results.



Students may read BCMS or Boyle Co public library books, ebooks downloaded from 
OVERDRIVE or they may read their own personal books to participate in the AR program.

You may check and see if a book has an AR test by going to this link: