Business Principles

Investment Team 21st Century PBL


  1. Prompt: You and your Team are going to research and build an investment portfolio for a 40 year old client. This client has 2 children (8 and 10) and a spouse to take care of.  Your client is rolling over $100,000 from his last employer to you to take care of his future. This is a real world business project.  The 21st century skills include communication, productivity, critical thinking, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and time management. 
  2. Project Outline: You will analyze your client’s demographic and economic areas and then create a diversified investment portfolio for your client to be successful.
    1. Day 1-2   Determine the needs of your client.  Brainstorm some stocks and bonds that are High Level, Mid Level, and Low Level Risk that would need to be in the portfolio.
    2. Day 3-5  Research and Analyze potential choices. Assign each student to come up with one of each level of risk investment. Create graph from Excel of 5 years and 10 years performance of the investments.
    3. Day 6    Create Spreadsheet in Excel of the portfolio of choices from investment team.   
    4. Day 7-8  Prepare and assess a list of reasons for choosing the investments in the portfolio.
    5. Day 9-11 Prepare a business presentation (PPT, Prezi, Google) of the items on your rubric.
    6. Day 12    POL


  1. Rubric: See attachment
  2. Learning Targets:
    1. I can research and collect information on investments for a 40 year old client with 2 children and a spouse.
    2. I can explain what demographics are.
    3. I can explain what economics are.
    4. I can describe a mission statement and what is should consist of.
    5. I can analyze the demographics and economics of a portfolio for a client
    6. I can create an Excel Investment Portfolio
    7. I can evaluate the overall market for my client and investments
    8. I can evaluate and compare the risks investments in the market.
    9. I can explain an investment fee.
    10. I can defend my team’s reasons for choosing the investments for our client.
    11. I can create a business presentation to be shared to a relevant audience.
  3. Group Selection: Students will create their own groups of 3.
  4. Accountability: Students will be assigned different areas and assigned tasks.  Each group will have a team leader.  The team leaders and facilitator will meet weekly over the course of 12 class days to make sure the group is on schedule.  Each student will be assigned to come up with 3 potential investments for the team portfolio for the client.
  5. Deliverables:                                                              Due
    1. Research Stock/Bonds                                    Day 1
    2. Analyze investments                                      Day 5
    3. Create Spreadsheet                                         Day 7
    4. Create Business Presentation                         Day 11
    5. POL                                                                 Day 12
  6. Project Grading Structure:
    1. Grades will be given for each due date assignments. 

i.Research (20 points)

ii.Analyze Investments (Graphs)(20 points)

iii.Create Investment Spreadsheet (50 points)

iv.Create Presentation (50 points)

v.POL  (60 points)

  1. POL
    1. Students will present their Investment Portfolio to a relevant audience (business leaders in area).
    2. We will use Science Fair Model on or about Day 12 to complete POL
    3. Dress for the POL should be business casual. Examples: Boys slacks and golf.  Girls could be slacks with golf shirt, OR business outfit.  Conservative is always better when it comes to dressing for a business presentation.


  1. Review Friday Model



Added Notes:

  • At least 12 to 15 Slides
  • Make sure to have plenty of Pictures with words and descriptions
  • Links to other sites
  • Make it fun but Professional!!
  • 6 x 6 Rule (No more than 6 bullets per page, and NO more than 6 words per bullet)


Data Collection:


Please look up the following:


  • High, Med, and Low Risk Investments
  • Find articles, or reviews that support your choices
  • 5 year graph and 10 year graph included of the investments performance over the time period.