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  • Academic Codes

    Mastery (M) Student mastered the content.

    Partial Mastery (PM) Student has some understanding of the content but needs more instruction in the content area.

    Non-Mastery (N) Student did not understand the content and needs reteaching.

  • Homework Packet

    When completing the writing page, please use complete sentences. 

  • Specials Rotation

    Our specials rotation will be P.E., Library, Spanish, Art & Music. Regardless of any days missed, specials will keep this same rotation.

  • Class Dojo
    How parents sign up with parent codes:
    Signing up with a parent code is simple!
    * Parents visit classdojo.com/parent and enter their parent code in the box
    * Parents then fill out their information, create a password, and they’re good to go!
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