The Bard said it well: "..summer's lease hath all too short a date."  How this summertime funtime has flown, but I am eager for the new year!  I love start of school:  a clean slate, a new opportunity, everyone eager to learn and giving 100%, the smell and shine of the new school year. (Plus, I admit I'm a school supplies junkie!)

My favorite part of a new year is reconnecting with students and hearing your stories of your summer adventures; I look forward to getting to know my new students, as well. Who knows what this year has in store for us??

As part of my new year, I'm starting this class blog, which I hope will be fun for us all.  This is a place for us to share, comment, ponder, celebrate, and support.

Who will be first to answer my call for a summer anecdote or to share something great you read this summer? Please join in, and as always, keep it appropriate! ;)

K Till