Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a valid proof of residence?

 Proof of residence must have the name of the parent/guardian and an address in the Boyle County District area. This could be a utility bill, deed to a house, driver’s license, etc.


Are cell phones allowed in the school?

 Use of electronic devices is permitted before and after school, during lunch period, and passing time as long as they do not disrupt the school day. Use of electronic devices in the classroom or any academic setting is at discretion of the classroom teacher. Devices should remain on silent mode at all times. Students and their parents assume full responsibility for any cell phone or electronic item brought to the school. 


What is the Dress Code at BCHS?

A. Must be free of any holes that expose skin 2 inches above the knee. Holes that expose 2 skin inches above the knee are not acceptable. Items worn underneath the hole are not acceptable.
B. Must cover underwear and backside at all times regardless of movement
C. Pajama and flannel pants are prohibited
Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, etc
A. Must be no shorter than two inches above kneecap
B. Must cover underwear and backside at all times regardless of movemnt
A. All shirts shall fit appropriately where no cleavage is showing
B. Sleeve must have a measurable underarm seam
C. Midriff shall remain covered at all times

A. No gang related items, emblems/images, words, phrases, slogans, or apparel that convey or support or imply profanity, illegal substances (alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs, etc), or are sexually explicit will be permitted. Chains or studded accessories are not to be worn.

B. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times. Hats, hoods, bandannas, novelty wigs, etc. are not to be worn inside the building. Hats, sunglasses, heavy coats, and gloves must be left in the school locker.


How much are school fees?

There is a flat fee of $99 for each student. Students who qualify for FREE lunch are exempt from paying class fees. Students that qualify for REDUCED lunch are required to pay half of the class fees ($50). Fees are due during schedule pick-up in July. 


What is the Attendance Policy?

In accordance with new KDE regulations, attendance is calculated using Full Time Equivalency which means that each minute of a student’s instructional day s counted. Students missing 60 minutes or fewer will be considered tardy. If a student misses 61 minutes or more, the percentage of the day missed will be recorded. This percentage accumulates.  (There is no longer a “half-day”) A signed parent/guardian note or doctor’s note must be presented explaining the absence.


What counts as an Excused vs. an Unexcused Absence?

Excused absences include: Illness of pupil (a doctor’s note is required to verify the total number of days the student was unable to attend school due to illness), Death or severe illness in pupil’s immediate family, Summons to court, Failure of bus transportation (missing the bus is not an excuse), Clinical appointment verified by doctor’s statement, Religious holidays and practices, One day for attendance at KY State Fair, Other valid reasons as determined by principles or designees. Each student may have up to five absences excused with parent/guardian note, provided the note is received within three days of student’s return to school.


How do students get a parking pass?

Students who wish to drive to school and use campus parking are required to purchase a $15 parking pass. This pass must be properly displayed at all times while vehicle is on campus. Parking on campus without a properly displayed parking pass is subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Once students arrive on campus, they must remain at school and are not permitted to leave and return. Loitering in cars/parking lots is prohibited.  Student driving/parking privileges will be revoked if student accumulates 6 or more unexcused absences.


How do students set up their lunch accounts?

All students are issued a lunch number that is logged into the cafeteria computer. Students may pay in advance, and use this number to have funds deducted from their account. Cashiers also accept money for lunches on a daily basis.


For other questions/concerns contact Chris Holderman at 859-236-6634 ext. 327