Kids Come First at Boyle County Schools

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) released its annual report on public schools today, and Boyle County students have received their highest marks ever. Data indicates that for the sixth straight year, Boyle County Schools (BCS) is one of the highest performing districts in the state.

“We celebrate the results of the hard work put in by our students and teachers,” said Superintendent Mike LaFavers, “but, it’s more important to us that we use this data to continuously improve outcomes for our kids.”

LaFavers continued, “Our results have been remarkable – we’ve assessed the data and not only are we leaders in the state, but our students are outpacing their national peers in Advanced Placement pass rates, ACT performance and nationally normed measures of reading and math. Our goal at Boyle County Schools is to maximize every student’s potential.”

While this year’s reporting does not assign overall scores or classifications to districts, it does demonstrate that BCS has improved its academic performance from the previous year. In 2016, BCS was ranked the fourth best district in the state and the top county school district.  

The 2016-2017 Student Report Cards (SRCs) provide data detailing Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) and other assessment results, gap reduction successes, individual student growth in reading and math for elementary and middle students, college and career readiness, and graduation rates for each school in Kentucky. The complete Boyle County SRC can be viewed here

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction David Young, noted, “We hold ourselves to high standards, but annual test results are only one measure of our effectiveness. Our teachers do what it takes every day to make sure students are mastering content and developing skills that are essential to success.”

Young added, “We use data that we’ve gathered all year to build individual plans that remove barriers to learning and move each student forward. Kids receive extra attention when they need it – so we expect to see high levels of academic achievement year-after-year.”

Highlights from the Boyle County’s SRC include:

  • The percentage of district elementary students scoring distinguished or proficient (D/P) across all K-PREP subjects averaged 24% higher than state rates.
  • Overall, Perryville Elementary School was the top performing school in the district. Perryville has held this distinction five out of the last six years. They led the district in reading and math scores, and had the lowest percentage of students scoring at the novice level on the K-PREP assessment.
  • Boyle County High School reached its highest average ACT composite score ever, increasing from 21.6 to 22.4. Kentucky’s average ACT composite score is 19.8.
  • Within the district, Boyle County Middle School saw the greatest amount of growth over last year. The school saw significant increases in all K-PREP and other assessment results, gap reduction and student growth percentiles.

Individual school achievements include:

Boyle County High School (BCHS)
In addition to growth in ACT scores, BCHS saw noteworthy increases in reading and writing assessment results, with one of the highest writing scores in the state. Over 80% of BCHS students scored D/P in writing, compared to 58.5% of high school students statewide.

BCHS graduation rates remain high, between 96% and 98% over the last five years, and the number of students in achievement gap categories scoring D/P rose 24% in writing and 14.6% in reading.

Boyle County Middle School (BCMS)
BCMS’ had one of its highest achieving years ever, increasing assessment scores across the board. Students showed substantial increases in reading, social studies, writing and language scores, and growth in math achievement. 73.4% of students scored D/P in reading, compared to 56.9% statewide. In social studies, 75.4% scored D/P, 15% more than the state average.

The percentage of students in achievement gap categories scoring D/P increased in every middle school subject area, and BCMS’ overall student growth indicator increased by 3 points from 2016.

Junction City Elementary School (JCES)
JCES extended their strong record of academic achievement with jumps in every K-PREP subject area. 82.4% of students scored D/P in language mechanics, compared to 55.6% of elementary students across the state. In reading, 72.3% of JCES students scored D/P, compared to 54.3% of students statewide.

The percentage of students in achievement gap categories scoring D/P grew in every subject area, with a 22.3% increase in writing and a 19% increase in language. JCES also met their novice reduction goals in both reading and math.

Perryville Elementary School (PES)
For the fifth time in six years, PES leads the district in academic achievement. Perryville excelled in all areas of K-PREP data, especially in language mechanics, writing and math. 85% of PES students scored D/P in language arts, compared to 55.6% of students across the state. In writing, 82.9% of students scored D/P, with 0% scoring at the novice level. 80.2% scored D/P in math, 31% higher than the state average. In addition, the percentage of students in achievement gap categories scoring D/P increased in every subject area.

Woodlawn Elementary School (WES)
WES continued to build upon high performance levels, with increases in writing, language and social studies scores. 91.3% of students scored D/P in writing, with only 1.3% scoring at the novice level. In social studies, 86.3% of students scored D/P with 0% scoring at the novice level. 76.4% scored D/P in language mechanics. This compares to state D/P rates of 45.9% in writing, 60% in social studies and 55.6% in language mechanics.

WES’ percentage of students in achievement gap categories scoring D/P also grew in every subject area, with a 33.6% jump in writing and a 29% increase in social studies.

LaFavers added, “Educating children is a shared responsibility and the entire Boyle County community has built this impressive culture of achievement within our schools. Our students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and community strive for excellence every day. It’s just fantastic to see us all working together to support our schools and build a bright future for our kids.”


All Kentucky public school students participate in annual testing with the results of those assessments included in the state’s accountability system for schools and districts. Currently, KDE is in a transition period away from the Unbridled Learning Accountability Model to a new accountability model. The new model is expected to be in effect beginning with the 2018-2019 school year.

Additional information about KDE’s transition to a new accountability model can be found here.

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