Leader in Me
4th graders performing at Leadership Day. Another K student sharing his Leadership Notebook. A kindergartner sharing his Leadership Notebook with his mom. A 4th grade student sharing her writing piece. A kindergarten student sharing what he wants to be when he grows up (Begin with the End in Mind). Our Leadership Day audience. Preschoolers teaching about Synergizing. 4th graders performing a skit about Habit 5. 3rd graders performing on Leadership Day. 1st graders performing a skit about Habit 2. Kindergarten students performing at Leadership Day Event. Preschool students Students set their own goals for Spanish. Habit 7:  Sharpen the Saw.  Fit Fridays are one of the ways we do this at JCES. One teacher's chart to keep track of her class's progress for the 40 Book Challenge. 4th grade students are tracking their Reading Counts points. Speaker Leaders making a presentation at our school board meeting. Speaker Leaders presenting our Big 5 to the Boyle County School Board. Bulletin Board in our main hallway that tracks our progress towards our school-wide attendance and reading goals. The 7 Habits Tree designed by our art teacher, Carol Taylor. Hallway signs using the 7 Habits language Class goal setting Have a leadership attitude! Class tracking of our attendance goal.